Belhasa Driving School


Belhasa Driving School

Belhasa Driving School is an institute with wide experience and many years of practice in the field of driver training services. Since 2001, it has helped thousands UAE students to obtain their official permit to drive.

Belhasa Driving School cooperate with leading international driving centers, so offers its students only modern and safe road management techniques.

The certificates of the national and international level, such as ISO confirms the fact that it is one of the most reputable schools in the UAE. Being the most popular driving center in Dubai, its auto base has over 700 modern vehicles of any class.

In addition to its outstanding reputation, Belhasa DS offers multiple vehicle options, the best instructors, advanced training technologies and individual approach to every student.

The training programs are formed on the basis of an extensive research and studies that allow to cope with driving, even in the desert.

Belhasa DS team consists form highly qualified specials, who are expert on the field of driving.


Category Regular Friday Shifting VIP
1 Light Motor Vehicle (40) 4,835.00 5,635.00 5,435.00 7,635.00
2 Light Motor Vehicle (30) 4,385.00 4,985.00 4,835.00 6,485.00
3 Light Motor Vehicle (20) 3,835.00 4,235.00 4,135.00 5,235.00
4 LMV (G.C.C.) 2,085.00 2,085.00 2,085.00 2,085.00
5 Motorcycle (30 classes) 3,675.00 4,275.00 4,125.00 5,775.00
6 Motorcycle (15 classes) 2,900.00 3,200.00 3,125.00 3,950.00


The main advantages

  • Certificates of Quality
  • Modern infrastructure
  • Huge fleet
  • The best experts
  • A wide range of training programs
  • Authoritative Status

In Belhasa DS, you can get a driving license of any category.

Driving school offers the following types of training

  • Driving in the desert
  • Safety driving
  • Driving courses for people with disabilities
  • Heavy bus
  • Heavy forklift
  • Heavy truck
  • Light forklift
  • Car
  • Motorcycle


Ras Ak Khor 5th Street
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