VIP Package

Package “VIP” is the best solution for those, who are always busy and have not time for long driving courses.
It is a perfect variant of accelerated learning, that allows to get the right to drive a motor vehicle in 5 working days.

The quality presentation of required material and the high level of training will surely surprise you. Moreover, everyone who use the “VIP” package will be provided by transportation to driving school by our company.

Turning to the company “ULTRA CONSULTING” – you will not only save your time, but also will get quality assistance during the whole period of training. Highly qualified specialists, who are real professionals, will accompany each stage of the courses.

The «VIP» Package includes:
• Theoretical data for Safe Driving (Traffic Security Essentials) and the updated road rules
• Practical exercises to develop driving skills
• Organization and support of RTA exam
• Help of professional interpreter
• The unique training system, with a concise statement of the material
• Help of professionals of the highest class

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