Motorcycle driving license


Motorcycle driving license

Operation of a motorcycle, as well as other vehicles, requires a special permit in the form of a driver`s license. Operation of a motorcycle in the United Arab Emirates does not preclude this rule. However, the UAE legislation has set clear boundaries between the right to drive two-wheeled vehicles for tourists and those who has received or expects to receive residence visa.

A point to be noted here is that tourists, intending to drive a motorcycle in the UAE have to hold an international driver`s license RTA permit. However, those, who have a resident visa of plan to issue it, are not eligible to use this document on the legal basis. Such category of people, who hold a proof of residency, must be ready to apply for a local motorcycle license in Dubai instead. Those, who will ignore this procedure, will be fined or even arrested by the local police. In order to avoid legal liability, holders of residence permits need to take care about obtaining the right to drive a motorcycle in advance.

Get your motorcycle driving license

Path to the registration of a bike license in Dubai is not as easy as it can seems to be.

Firstly, you should open a file and undergo a driving course form one of the authorized driving schools. The price of the course and the duration depends on the pre-selected driving school and the presence or lack of driving experience.

After completing a school, where you will acquire all the needed knowledge and skills   be ready to pass an exam. This step is very important because it determines whether you will get your bike license in Dubai or not. For this reason, it is better to exercise prudence and ask for help from real professionals to be confident in your knowledge and skills by 100%!

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