International Driving License


International Driving License

If you constantly travel, go abroad for business and tourist trips – the UAE International Driving License is what you exactly need!

This is an official document that is issued by standards, developed on the basis of the UN International Convention, and grants an opportunity of driving a motor vehicle on the territory of more than two hundred countries.

It is important to note that IDP does not replace the local driver’s license, and can only be used in other countries, together with the government-issued model. This rule is very important and should be clearly obeyed. The validity of such a document, as a rule, from one to ten years, on the condition of full availability of driving license, registered in the country of applicant`s residence (for instance, International Driving License Abu Dhabi for the UAE residents). The period of legality depends on many factors actually.

Today the IDPs are required and recommended in over 150 countries – including Europe, the USA, China, the UAE and others. It is a very beneficial document for those, who have plans to go abroad for a long term. To get the UAE international driving license, means to provide yourself with the right to drive and hire a car overseas, without any problems.

Registration of IDPs does not require re-examinations. You can apply on the basis of government-issued driver’s license.

Those, who have got an international driving license Dubai have a number of privileges. Except the fact that you can drive a car abroad, it serves like a valid form of identification, which contains your photo, name and drivers information. It is very beneficial document for those, who tent to travel a lot. International driver’s permit, make your journey more comfortable, confident, and it saves your valuable time and money.

Therefore, if you decide to get the UAE International driving license – the company Ultra Consulting will be a good adviser to you in this matter! With many years of experience and knowledge of the specifics of the local market, we will help you to get your International variant of license as quickly as possible! Date of issuance, from the moment of receipt of all the required documents – three-seven days! You can get your driver’s license directly in the Ultra Consulting office or by the courier service. We are true professionals and we know exactly what you need!

Choosing Ultra Consulting – you choose reliability, quality and control!

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