Driving license in Dubai

Getting driving license in the UAE is not so easy task as it can seems to be. It requires a certain knowledge and efforts to be done. However, if you plan to live in Dubai, you must be ready to face with the fact, that Dubai is an Emirate of business lifestyle and it is hard to imagine life without a car here.

In order to get Dubai driving license, you will need to follow a few steps. If have never driven before, you need to take special driving lessons from one of the official driving schools. There you will master all the basic skills to be ready to pass all internal tests.

Rules of driving differ in each Emirate, so it is important to know the local laws when driving in Dubai. There are six major schools in this Emirate, and they meet all the requirement of RTA to be considered as a legal authority for studying.  You can choose the most appropriate for you.

After theoretical and practical parts of trainings in driving school, you will be asked to pass the road test on the assigned date. This the most important part of this pass. It determines whether you are ready to turn to the next part of examination or not.

If you not pass, you have to register for seven more lessons and then try again. If you pass, after a few procedures, you can finally get your DL.

If you have any experience in operating an auto transport and hold permit to drive from a certain list, you have a privilege to transfer them, without having to take a practical test.

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