Driving license in Abu-Dhabi

According to the UAE law, every tourist is eligible to travel by road across the UAE if it owns an International Driving Permit. However, if you plan to live in this country, as a resident, you will need to get a local driver`s license, which should be registered at the same Emirate, where you have got your residence visa.
The way you will get your driving license, depends on your previous driving document and the country of origin. All the nuances are important. For instance, if you already own a valid home driver`s license, or an International Driving Permit, you have the right to convert them into Abu Dhabi one, just passing an eye test. It is quite simple and convenient. However, you must always be ready to participate in theoretical and practical testing, while some foreign license are not recognized by Abu Dhabi traffic Department at all. Therefore, it is advisable to get acquainted with the automatic transfer list of approved countries not to make a mistake.
If you do not have any license, you will need to get a learning permit to take both theoretical and practical lessons from one of the authorized schools in Abu Dhabi. Once all required theory classes are completed, it is necessary to pass the written test that will enable you to turn to the practical part of studying. The number of trainings depends on the existing experience and capability to operate a car.

There, you will master all the basic skills of driving. After the road test, you can apply for your Emirati driver’s license. This is the very last stage of obtaining driving license in Abu Dhabi. It is not as simple as it can seems to be. But if you ask for help Ultra Consulting, this process will be much easier!

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