Driving License


Driving License

It is hard to imagine daily life of the United Arab Emirates without a car. Wide highways, readable road markings, understandable signs in two languages, and concise pointers are making the process of car driving a pleasant journey. Almost everyone who decided to live in this country have to apply for UAE driving license.
A point to be noted here is that the United Arab Emirates impose a certain specific rules regarding driving norms for foreign nationals.

The thing is, the residents of other countries who have a tourist visa and international driving permit are eligible to rent a car and use it until the end of the visa. However, if you are pretending to live in this country as a resident, you should be ready to undergo a special course from one of the authorized UAE driving schools and get a driving license test.

The operation of a motor vehicle without the relevant document is punishable by a fine or, in the worst case the arrest. The laws of this country are such that the resident visa automatically implies the availability of local documents, in spite of the existence of international driving permit given in your state.

UAE driving license

You can get the UAE driver’s license in any of the seven Emirates. Dates of issue and the cost depends on the pre-selected driving schools and the presence or lack of driving experience.

As a rule, training in a driving school should take place in the same Emirate in which you have received visa. However, there are exceptions, where the owner of the residence visa may pass a driving school in other Emirate.

It is important to note, that the UAE driving license procedure is quite specific and requires a serious approach and care. The rules and regulations vary in various Emirates. Therefore, the continued support of an experienced professional will simplify the task.

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