Advanced driving courses


Advanced driving courses

Do you want to feel confident behind the wheel? Do you want to know all the intricacies of driving in the big city? Ultra Consulting is ready equip you with proper driving skills under the supervision of the best specialists in the UAE!

Advanced driving courses in the Emirates are tailored for those who want to master the “art of driving” in different weather and road conditions, and easily pass Dubai RTA signal test. Extra practice time is always a good idea for those who want to learn all the basic road management techniques, to polish existing driving skills, and recover lost.

Private instructor

Private lessons are produced under the guidance of an experienced professional auto instructor, with an individual approach to every student. A supervisor will easily evaluate your existing skills and will make some suggestions to improve areas of your weakness to get RTA driving license. We offer private lessons on a specially developed scheme, which involves technique of safe driving.

Moreover, we always take care of our clients! Many people have busy schedules. That is why Ultra Web gives you the freedom to study at your preferred time. We will provide you with sufficient level of comfort not to deliver you extra hassle!

During practical trainings, you will learn about the various methods of driving in heavy traffic, at night and in low visibility conditions. Weather will not pose a problem for you! Also, you will find out how to manage your emotions in abnormal situations and gain confidence in the car driving.

Wow! You will have an opportunity to master and perform such complex elements, such as the diagonal parking, reversing, turns into a confined space, a snake, as well as others. Particular attention is paid to road traffic regulations.

It is easier to overcome the first kilometers, accompanied by a real professional, who will support and insure any minute. Therefore, we have assembled a team only of the very best instructors!

Our specialists are highly skilled professionals who are able to competently assess any critical situation, pre-calculate your maneuver and make the only right decision!

As a result of the personal training in advanced UAE driving courses from the Ultra Consulting Company you will forget about all the fears associated with the car steering, as well as gain valuable practical framework for the safe and competent car driving!

Choosing «Ultra Consulting», you choose safety, quality and control!


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