UAE Driving Schools

Al Khulood Motor Driving

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Fujairah National Driving Institute

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Driving in the UAE can be difficult experience as every Emirate has its own traffic rules and driving requirements. Whether you are trying to master the art of driving for the first time or is going to refresh your skills, without the proper training, a driver is risking of making the wrong decisions on the UAE roads.

Therefore, if you want to become a confident driver, then it is worth exploring which driving institution is the best for you. Finding the right UAE driving school that is accredited according to the government requirements will ensure you are well equipped to drive on the roads of the UAE.

The system of driving institutions of the United Arab Emirates consists of top 15 driving schools located throughout the whole territory of the emirates. Proper training and practical lessons can greatly improve both your theoretical knowledge and practical skills to successfully pass all driving examinations.

Ultra Consulting provides a comprehensive listing of the UAE driving schools that meet all the standard of Road and Transport Authority (RTA) in the UAE. Take advantage of the Ultra Consulting services and become a safe driver today. We will help you to choose the most suitable emirate driving school to make sure that your money buys you the best training so you can land yourself a car. Do not pay extra fees – choose Ultra Consulting!